The Big Question: Does Electrolysis Work?


You’ll be surprised at how often people search for ways to get rid of hair online. The most common and simplest way is by shaving. But the effects don’t really last long. Also, when the hair grows back again, it can be sharp and dark. Most women and some men are now trying to have their excess hair waxed. This may be a painful for first timers but it’s tolerable. This is nothing a pain killer won’t cure if you take it 30 minutes prior to waxing.

Now if you’re looking for a permanent way to get rid of hair, you might want to try electrolysis. Electrolysis has been proven to work for a number of years now. This method works by using a needle tip probe that delivers a mild electrical current. The electrical current works to heat the hair follicle to break them. This will take time since the technician has to repeat the same procedure for every hair follicle. If you have a lot of hairs per square inch, you have to expect that it’s going to take hours and also several sessions. Being hair free doesn’t happen overnight. The treated hair will fall off after a few weeks. New hair will grow back, only it will be thinner and finer.

So Why Does Hair Grow Back After Your First Electrolysis Session?

That’s because hair has several phases of growth (3 to be specific). Permanent hair loss is achieved when electrolysis is made during the 1st stage of hair growth. The technician will keep repeating the procedure every session to make sure that all hairs (if not most) are treated during this phase. This is why you should have your next session performed on the specified date. If the doctor says you have to go back in 6 weeks, don’t ignore it. Doing so will cost you more money and time. Each area has different growth cycle times. Generally, hair on the face grows longer due to its rich blood supply. You will need more sessions done to get rid of facial hair than those compared to leg electrolysis hair removal. Mind you, electrolysis does work.

Electrolysis will cost you a good deal of money. You have to expect this since this is only done by a certified practitioner or professional. You really don’t want a clumsy technician near you when he’s holding an electric probe. Electrolysis does work if the technician is experienced in calibrating the power setting. There is a real risk of burns and other complications if the technician is incompetent. Don’t just go for any clinic that offers the cheapest rates. Try to look around and read reviews online. Also, you can try to ask people who have tried the procedure. You can get this information for free.

Ask your technician about how to take care of your treated area. Some may require you to keep the area dry for several hours; you might have to avoid strong chemicals like perfumes and lotions. It’s also a fairly good idea to regularly apply a good amount of sunscreen. Your skin may be sensitive afterwards. Expect some redness, itching or swelling around the area near your follicle. This is to be expected. It will fade in a few hours so don’t panic. If itching or redness persists, you can try putting ice pack over it or call your dermatologist. Avoid scratching it. Your doctor can prescribe you some cream to alleviate the symptoms and side effects.

Electrolysis does works well only in small target areas that are too sensitive for other treatments like lasers and depilatory creams. Such areas are the ones near your eyes or those on your face and neck.

Want To Cut The Procedure Time In Half?

If you’re planning to have a large surface area treated, I would strongly suggest you opt for laser hair removal instead. A laser basically takes effect the same way but uses a laser light instead of an electrical needle like probe. You can have your lower legs done in an hour or less. Try to find a doctor you feel comfortable with. Never hesitate to ask questions or voice out your concerns. It’s your right as a patient to be informed of any procedures done to you. Make sure your doctor has the right credentials to operate the machine too.

Don’t worry about the price. If you’re really set in permanent hair removal, you should set aside money for it. It’s not going to be cheap. The good thing here is that you won’t have to pay in bulk for all the procedures. You can pay per visit or per session. This will depend on your clinic. Ask for installment basis and other discounts. Clinics often have package promos like if you pay for 4, you get 1 session for free and so on. Be smart and start counting. You can save a lot of money if you do your research right. A smart shopper never lets a good bargain slip away. Best of luck!

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