Hair Removal Cream For Pubic Area – Does It Really Work?

I haven’t heard a person honestly claim that too much hair on the pubic area is sexy. For most of society, too much hair is just TOO MUCH.

Not only does too much hair on the pubic area look nasty, it can also be unhygienic. My gynecologist suggested that it’s better if you trim your pubic hairs every after menstruation. That’s to just cut out all the ends that may have residues or bacteria on them. Less hair also means less odor and more sensation during those intimate moments with your partner.

You don’t necessarily have to have a boyfriend to take care of yourself down there. Personally, I feel more confident knowing I’m bare where on my pubic area. It makes me feel less conscious when I’m wearing my bikini while hitting the beach. I’ll always be ready and game for those water sport activities. Don’t let nasty pubic hair ruin your moment and fun. There are many ways to get rid of it safe and easy.

I have tried my fair share of experimenting with hair removal products and methods. Some are easy, some are not, some are painful while others are just plain messy. There are some methods you can do on your own while others are best left to the professionals. Personally, my favorite method is by using hair removal cream for pubic area.

Why To Use Hair Removal Cream For Pubic Area And Not Other Methods?

What’s the difference between hair removal creams, shaving and waxing? Easy—the duration of growth, the cost and the pain factor. Waxing leaves you hair free for a month but some people just can’t tolerate the pain. Shaving is easy too but hair growth is very fast. You’ll find yourself in need of another shave in just a day or two. Also, shaving leaves razor burns and hair growth is sharp. You really don’t want me to elaborate on that scenario when you’re hitting the sheets with your man right? Exactly! This leads me to hair removal cream for pubic area.

Hair removal cream for pubic area destroys the visible hair while infusing some properties that make your hair growth slower. It’s very much like shaving only hair growth takes a full week. This makes you enjoy the whole sensation for a longer duration. Be careful though! Always read the package label. Not all hair removal creams are for pubic area. The skin on your pubic area is thinner and more sensitive so special care is needed. Buy only products that are safe for those areas. The secret here is landing the right hair removal cream for pubic area.

So Where Can I Find Hair Removal Cream For Pubic Area?

Are you still interested in one? If you are, you should know that when it comes to cosmetics and other products, you should pick only products that are tried and true. I would personally recommend Revitol Hair Removal Cream. It works for even those with sensitive skin. The skin will feel soft and moisturized after. No nicks, razor burns or ingrown hair here. It’s not really expensive because this can last you several session and will save you a trip to the waxing salon.  I love how painless it is. I have a very low pain tolerance so the hair removal cream for pubic area cuts it for me.

hair removal cream for pubic area

Hair Removal Cream For Pubic Area – Steps To Take:

1. When using it, do take the time to read how to properly apply the product on your pubic area. To start, squeeze a liberal amount of cream on your fingertips. Apply it evenly on the surface then wash your hands after. Don’t rub the cream onto your skin. Leave the cream on your skin for 6 minutes or as indicated. NEVER leave the cream on for a total of 10 minutes. Doing so can cause chemical burns and sensitivity.

2. After the given time, you will notice your hairs appear darker and a little curly. This means the hair is already destroyed. Use the given spatula to scrape the cream out along with the destroyed hairs.

3. Wash the area off with warm water and pat dry.

The method of hair removal cream for pubic area is really easy and fast. Try to test for allergies by applying the cream on to a small patch of hair on your pubic area like stated earlier. Observe for signs of redness, itchiness or irritation. If present, don’t use the product anymore and switch to something else instead.

It’s very important to follow the instructions listed above. I have read a woman’s review of a bad experience with it. I have quoted here in the story stating “I have dark/super coarse hair so I was pleasantly surprised when the cream actually took off a good amount. When I actually sat down to take care of the entire area, rather than just a spot, I left the cream on for the same amount of time (8 minutes – it takes that long for coarser hair).

“I didn’t experience any burning while the cream was on, but when I gently washed the area clean the most INTENSE burning started. It is now 24 hours later and the pain is immense…” I recommend for all users that you try to leave the product at the minimum time indicated.

If patches of hair are left, apply the cream only to those areas and check it every minute. The first time is often not easy because you’re still learning about the product. Give it some time and experience and you’re good to go with hair removal cream for pubic area.

Click here to read more about Revitol hair removal cream.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Amy says:

    Revitol is a hair removal cream for genital area, that is the best part of the body it will work on, but you can use it also all over the body.

  2. Abbie Foster says:

    I went over and researched and it is also good for facial hair removal, this is a great article, thanks for that!

  3. admin says:

    Hi, Amy and Abbie!
    Thanks for replying. I just wanted to add that Revitol can be used as a pubic hair removal cream, and also as mentioned on other parts of the body, as your legs,arms,chest,back, and even your face.
    It is a permanent solution for hair removal, and can work for both using it, men and women!


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