IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal Reviews – Help You Decide What To Choose


So you have finally decided to go for a permanent hair removal procedure. Now what? There are plenty of permanent hair removal options out there and some work better for certain individuals. The most common and sought after treatments are the IPL (intense pulse light) and the laser hair removal treatment. This article will help you decide which type of permanent hair removal is for you.  IPL vs laser hair removal reviews are a great way to understand which works best for you. It highlights the pros of one procedure and also mentions the cons of it. I have compiled several IPL vs laser hair removal reviews so enjoy.

Laser Hair Removal Information And Review:

Laser hair removal is the next step after electrolysis. Before, electrolysis takes a lot of time because it targets each hair follicle one at a time. This can take several sessions and hours per session if you have your whole legs done. Laser hair removal won’t take you long as it targets hair pigments in a matter of seconds. It’s also a lot less painful too since you only experience one shot per square inch (depending on the size of the laser hair removal probe). This machine can be calibrated to target all colors of hair and skin. Laser hair removal reviews state that this doesn’t work very well on light hair (white or red) and very dark skin though. Actually, it does work on light hair and dark skin types; the technician just has to be very skilled and knowledgeable. Also, It will take you more sessions that those who have light skin and dark hair.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Removal Information And Review:

IPL works in the same way as laser hair removal basing from reviews and research. It works to produce several intense pulsed lights that targets dark pigments (e.g., hair follicles under the skin). The light is converted to heat. The heat then destroys the protein on the hair follicle leading to permanent hair removal. It will require several sessions too. The pros of this are that it safe to use on people with darker skin or light colored hair. It’s also FDA approved for permanent hair reduction. The negative thing about it is that there hasn’t been a long term study conducted about its results. It’s your risk to take if you really want to.

 IPL Vs Laser Hair Removal Reviews:

Personally, if I were asked IPL vs laser hair removal? My review would be to stick to what’s tried and true. I have light skin and dark hair so I would naturally go for the laser hair removal option. It’s been out in the market longer compared to IPL. There are probably more reviews written about it. I usually go for safe choices especially when I’m expected to pay for it. IPL vs laser hair removal review is pretty common so do try to keep yourself informed before you decide.

For those who have light hair or dark skin, I would suggest you go for the IPL hair removal treatment. It’s safer and the risks of burns are lesser. You just really have to choose a good doctor or technician. Try to get feedback from those who have tried the session and check their results. You might get a good referral. Look up names of clinics nearest you and pay them a visit. Don’t just go for the cheapest clinics you find. They may be cheap because their machines might be old and ineffective. Ask for certification or check pictures of clients they have already worked on. This will give you a good IPL vs laser hair removal review.

The answer to IPL vs laser hair removal is very subjective. Do keep an open mind and keep notes. List down all the pros and all the cons. This will help you decide which procedure is for you. Remember, both procedures don’t come in cheap.

Either you choose IPL vs laser hair removal or vise verse, you have to know to follow the instructions. If the technician tells you come back on a certain date for your next treatment, come on that day or near that day. Make your hair removal sessions matter by taking it seriously.

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