Hair Removal For Men Genital Area - To Increase Your Attractiveness


Having too much hair is a problem both men and women face all over the world. Excess hair can be such a bother especially down there.
Genital hair can dampen your sack session. Surprise your lady with a bare package and make a big lasting impression. Being bare down there can increase sensation and it’s hygienic too. Men who have tried it reported that they sweat less on that region even on warm or humid days. Trust me; hair removal isn’t just exclusively for women. It used to be a female thing but now times have changed.

You expect women to be fully groomed so why can’t women expect the same from you, right? All is fair in love and war. Hair removal for men genital area is more common than you think. You can’t imagine how many hits and searches online we get for tips and methods on how to help guys with their hairy situation. This article will help you clear up the mess.

Helpful Guides On How To Do Hair Removal For Men Genital Area:



Trimming is when you want to do mild grooming. You are not removing all the hairs but rather clear it up a bit. This could be done with a good sharp scissors. Be careful when you used your tools. Hold the hairs up and start snipping. If you want a closer cut, you can use a comb and cut from the side of the comb. This way, the comb will serve as a safety barrier from your skin. When you’re done, just dust out the excess hair or take a shower. You’re good to go! That was an easy hair removal for men genital area right?


Shaving is the next option if you want a more flawless or hairless look. For this, you will need a sharp razor or an electric shaver. An electric shaver is a safer choice as it prevents you from cuts and nicks. It won’t cut the hair as close to your skin compared to a razor though.  To trim first before you shave. This will make shaving easier since you won’t have to clean the razor all the time.If you’re using a razor, do match it up with some shaving cream. Don’t just use water or regular soap. There are properties in a shaving cream that can soften the hair and moisturize the skin.

You’ll feel the difference after. Shaving creams also prevent ingrown hairs and razor burns. When choosing shaving creams, choose one that’s specifically designed for genital use. Don’t use the facial shaving cream as it may sting (ouch!). A great product to try would be Skintimate shaving gel. I know it’s for women but it works great! I don’t see why you can’t use something that’s designed to be gentle enough on a very sensitive area and still be quite effective. Take care not to hurt yourself. Just don’t move the blade horizontally to prevent cuts.

Depilatory Cream:

Not a fan of shaving? You might love to use depilatory creams. They basically have the same principle as shaving (cutting the hair that’s visible) but depilatory hair removal creams have properties that prolong hair growth. You can go up to 2 to 4 weeks without having to repeat the process. This is a fast and safe hair removal for men genital area if done properly.To start, depilatory creams are chemically prepared solutions that break the hair. It doesn’t remove the hair from the roots. You will have to apply the cream on your genital area. Put enough to completely cover the hairs. Apply it evenly and wait for 3 minutes or as indicated.

Personally, I suggest you keep the waiting period to a minimum. If it says 3-5 minutes, keep checking every minute after the 3minutes it the hairs are coming off. You seriously don’t want to get chemical burn. Scrape the area with a flat hard surface like a spatula or even a credit card (spatula is often provided in the package). If you see patches of hair on your skin, apply some cream to that area alone. Check it every minute and be sure not to make it last longer than necessary.Try to apply the cream in one small skin on your genital area first to test for allergies. Wait overnight to check for signs of itching, swelling or redness. If you’re allergic to it, discontinue use of this brand of hair removal for men genital area depilatory cream.

Not all depilatory creams can be used in the genital area. Your genital area has thinner skin and coarser hair. Try to use products like Veet or Nair bikini depilatory creams. I know this is a product advertised for women but you can use it too. The skin and hair type is similar regardless of gender or age. This is a great painless hair removal for men genital area product.


This is painful. I have to be honest from the start. Some men have tried this and loved it. I’m a woman and I have been getting my hair waxed ever since college. I’m used to the pain now. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the first time. I guess you develop pain tolerance. You can try popping pain killer pills 30 minutes before getting waxed. Have a professional do it for you. You have to know that there are several types of waxing.

There is one that only has to wax the bikini line (the outside area of your package) and there is the full Brazilian where every hair down there is stripped. Here are waxing salons that offer affordable rates and are very professional. Don’t be embarrassed. The technician has seen more than enough areas to wax in her lifetime. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or clarifications. Remember, it’s your right as a client to be informed of any procedure. Try to read reviews online on which waxing salon provides great services and are near your place. Condition your mind before you this hair removal for men genital area method.

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